Friday, August 17, 2007

Getty Ready

Well hello to all who read my boring posts. I have another one for you. Im leaving today to go out of town. OF course my iPOD decides to go haywire. My computer to reset the iPOD suddenly doesnt know what to do because the music contraption I seem to love and can not travel without has suddenly gone screwy. So at 2am I just let it be and quit trying to fix something I know nothing about, finish packing my things and paint my toe nails and go to bed. I get up this AM kinda late b/c I went to bed so late last night, come into the compter room and turn on the computer and try to see what is wrong with the iPOD. TADAAHHHHHHHHHHH something happened over the night. THe iPOD fairy came while I was sleeping and sprinkled her iPOD dust and BAM it was working. Of course the battery is dead and I have to pray it gets charged before I leave at 11am . All is well, I have my new songs on there and the only thing that is screwy is my mind today! YIPEE for me! cooloer weather I hope here I come!

This is LA by the way signing out!


Lorraine of Ferland Family! said...

haVe a great trip :) give me a call when you get back or during.

Dianna said...

Thank goodness for Ipod fairies!

By the way, I soooo totally would have went to my friend Stacy who does hair but Autumn decides Monday she wants her hair dark brown, I had to work my 2nd job on Tuesday evening and then school started on Wednesday.

So had to do it myself. But I take it you get a little sensitive with that issue? LOL

Kind of like how I get when people buy their travel off the internet and when it screws up they call us to help them and all I can do is go awwwwww, bwhahahahahahah!

Have a great trip ;)