Tuesday, August 14, 2007

This beautiful animal you see before you is not quite the innocent she portrays to be.
I made these wonderful rasberry muffins yesterday for Ken to eat before or on his way to class. I made 6. I ate one this AM and he ate one . I put 2 in a plastic bag for Johnny. ( friend of Kens ) so there should be 2 left over. THERE IS NOT. Someone who shall be named SAMMIE ate 2 of my rasberry muffins. paper and all. The kicker... the paper that I put back over the muffins this morning was still on the plate, like there are still 2 muffins underneath it. Ken is going to set up a video camera hahahahahahahha.!!

This is LA by the way.


Lorraine of Ferland Family! said...

actually i came by to visit last night and ate your dang muffins and they were tasty