Tuesday, April 1, 2008

New Cookware

I ordered my brand new cookware today. Im so excited I cant wait. I got Calphalon 10 pc set. So watch out Im not going to be going out to eat as often once my new cookware comes. Dont worry the newness of it will wear off and Ill be back at Olive Garden before too long. My super rich cousin is planning a trip to disney. I want to go to .. Ken wants to go too, we might. Im not as thrilled about it as he is at the fact we may go again. I would much rather go somewhere else like Tahiti. One of those huts that are out in the middle of the water. I think that would be grand!!! I wouldnt mind Fugi either. Oh well I will keep looking at those online. I look at that stuff all the time and send ot on over to Ken. I think he looks at them for 1 sec and then deletes it. Sammy is feeling much better. Well she is atleast wagging her tail today. Poor thing every time I get up to go into the kitchen she hobbles on in there. Poor Baby.
Alright I will chat to you all later!


Lorraine said...

you are right. we are super rich. perhaps i can pay for you to come. hahahahhahahahhaha

Ken said...

What do you mean I delete it? Every time I talk about going somewhere, you're the one who poo-poos it! That's right, I'm man enough to say "poo-poo"!

You want to go, we're there!