Monday, April 7, 2008

I thought that this video was so cute. Im not sure if its in this one or not but he is dancing. Blake was out of school today and we went bowling with Nona. She should have some pics up soon so Ill steal some of those and put them on here later.

Oh my GOODNESS could it be any more cloudy then it has been for the last week? Im so depressed and angry. AHHHHH I need sunshine! I dont think I could live anywhere without the sun. I cant take it anymore.

Have you heard the news?????? Pizza Hut is serving pasta. wow and I thought there was nothing better then their buttery pizza crust. THey now have pasta. YIPEE!!!! alright going to go to the Grasshopper opener tonite. It is going to be cold.. brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.. See yah


Lorraine said...

pizza huts are all going out of buz one likes them anymore i guess. korey says its b/c no one goes OUT for pizza!
we have a new place in next town over. soo tasty! and they freaking deliver. if you lived here, you would know how freaking exciting that is