Sunday, April 13, 2008

We are here!!!

We arrived today in Charleston and I do have to say it is beautiful.
Well first thing is first. I went on my first ride-a-long with Ken last night. Let me tell you folks when a cop car is behind you they are doing what I call a check. They ARE running your plates and they are checking to see wether or not you are leagal. So I do hope that you all have your liscense and that you all are going the speed limit. As for everything else that happened last night I cant say anything because I signed a waiver saying that I would not divulge any information about what happened.

Ok Now for the other part. We are in Charleston and I have to say how beautiful it truly is. We went into Charleston tonite and had dinner at a place called Hymans. Wonderful I had a bunch of appetizers. Fried green tomatos. Shrimp and Grits and stuffed mushrooms. Ken had the crab cakes. I personally did not care for the shrimp and grits. Grits are good Shrimp are good.. just too me they are not good together. Fried Gr tomatos.. they were good I like the way I make mine a little better of course. Stuffed mushrooms very tasty and the crab cakes of course were awesome. More to come tomorrow go enjoy some pics... By the way.. ALLERGIES SUCK!!!!!! but thanks to nasal spray.. Im breathing right !!! Enjoy the pics!!! LOOK at KEN... He is in the sand!! his feet and my feet!!!!! awwwwwwwww


Lorraine said...

great pic of the two of you. i cant do that. mine come out terrible when i do that. i just saw a deer between the houses of our neighbors across the street. pretty. i guess they see the deer a lot but i dont over here! have a fun trip

China Dol said...

You-all look like your having a real good time. Take lots of pics and send me some. We missed you and your pioe Sunday. We had my fried chicken,mashed pots,mixed vegs, grilled pork tender loin (2), chicken gravy and biscuts......My homemade lemon pie and home made rum cake. Buzz cake........but officer, I only had 3 pieces of cake.
We do wish you'd bring Ken and Blake down some Sunday.
I'm thinking Ken on the trampoline would be worth seeing and taking pics of..... but I just miss those demples AND the chocolate pies......LOTS OF LOVE>>>>>>PAM