Wednesday, April 16, 2008

We are home from our trip. We had a good time. The weather could have been warmer but oh well thats just the chance you take.
Well last night we went to a place called Hanks for supper. It was fabulous although it was a bit snobby for us. We walked in and of course we were in jeans and pullover jackets. It was cold and well we were walking all day and blah who wanted to go back to the hotel to change. Anyway, we sat down and then one of the chicks that worked at the place came over to Ken and asked if he could remove his hat. Whoops.. oh well. Our wiater came over to us and said that they had 3 different waters. Tap, Seltzer, and sparkling which kind do we want. hahahahah I was like what and Ken just said " Just give me the tap and Ill be fine." There was nothing wrong with it it was just it was just the way that it was said to us and well us rednecks from NC just want tap water. hahahahahaha just funny thats all. ok well Im off to do my errands online chat later.. tootles!


Lorraine said...

i hate the water question too...haha!!!