Sunday, April 20, 2008

Of course It has been so nice outside for the past 4 days. Im tlaking 75' to 80' weather with no humidity and it is nice to walk outside and stay there for a little while before moving to a prettier spot. Today Im having mom and Blake come over for supper ( Ken will meet up with us later) and its hailing outside now. The lightening is so streaky I just want to sit and watch it through the dark sky. There goes my cookout. We were going to eat outside and have a picnic party. That is taking place inside today now. It figures. I order lunch it always comes back wrong. I want to have a cookout outside it rains.. It never fails.


Lorraine said...

catching up! i am back in action.
glad you had a fun trip
did you alter the pic of ghost or what?

Anonymous said...

time to update my friend