Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My April Fools joke....

My April Fools joke was a hit yeaterday. hahahahha SUCKAS!!!!!!!!!

Well I am using the new air card I got from Verizon and so far so good. I had a little trouble signing in tonite and I think it didnt have that srong of a signal. I plugged it up and whola it works fine.

I was supposed to delete the Aril Fools Joke last night but I forgot and whoops Ken saw it. I really didnt want him to see it I dont want to rush him or put any pressure on him. I have been married before so its is honestly no rush. But Ken in November it will be 2 yrs I am going to do what Lorraine did and date other people. Oh yeah you will have to ask Lorriane about that one. I think very highly of her and I have much repect for her for doing that !! LOL!!!!!

You know I came home tonite with all intention of dusting and cleaning up the house YEAH not going to happen.

Alrighty Dighty I will chat later. Ken booked us tickets to the Ghost tour in Charleston. YIPPE it is at 9:30 at night. Yikes I may have to take a quick nap to stay up that late.

See ya!


Lorraine said...

i didnt see your blog before dianna yahoo'ed me. i dont really think i dated other people. haha, at 2 years, we were already living together!

LeeAnn said...
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