Thursday, April 3, 2008

Update on Sammy Dawg...

WELL Ken got word from the vet that Sammy doesnt have cancer. Thank goodness. It is arthritis and she has it terrible in her back legs so there for she is putting all of her weight on her 2 front legs. Which that is causing the extra bone growth on both of her 2 front paws. So now I think he is going to go and get her a " doggie physical therapist" awwwwwwwww how cute will that be.. we are going to put Sammy thru therapy.

Rain Rain Rain. Ill hopefully sleep well tonite. This prednisone is kicking my tail.
I have been up at like 2 in the am. I finally get some sleep and then 3 hrs later I am awake with my alarm. lovely.... I have read enough books and done plenty of suduko and it doesnt help. Tylenol Pm will help.

MAJOR MAJOR clog in my sink in the kitchen. Since my handyman is laughing at me from above now with fixing all this crap in the 40 yr old home I had to have, I dont have a clue what to do with a clog except Drano.
Drano is great but stinks on my pipes. I put it down the drain this am and I had to let it sit all day in my drain. While I was at work thinking my clog was going to be all fixed, instead al lit did was sit there in the drain all day and not do crap.
So of course I say CRAP and start freaking out because now I have no freaking clue what to do. So after a slight melt down, I calmed down and went and got a plunger. There I am plunging away when the phone rings. It was MOM and well we dont need to tell her about our melt downs. ( although she will read this and find out) I FIX IT!!!! IM SO PROUD of myslef that YEAHHHHHHH I fixed it.. all this black crap comes up and it smells horrible and all the cucca in the world goes right back down into the drain and WHOLA its done.. ahhhhh I can try to sleep tonite that my drain is fixed.
I have had a talk with my home and it understands that it cant break anymore unless it wants to lose me as an owner. So far it has behaved..


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