Thursday, November 22, 2007

Turkey Turkey and more Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I had a great day today. I lost my voice due to a cold that I have been trying to fight all week. MY throat is so sore from trying to strain what is left of my voice. I have got to go to work tomorrow so please if you go shopping atleast think of me so that I can enjoy some of the fun too. I dont have any pictures of the day today although we did bring the camera.Oh well

Ken and I went out on our first date last year the day after Thanksgiving. e are tomorrow night going to go to the same place that he took me on our first date. Im so excited. I cant believe that it has been 1 yr. I have to say that every day I get to know him better and better and that Im looking forward to many more year anniversaries with him.

Ok I am hooked on the game Guitar Hero. It is a silly game that you use a guitar and you have to play the notes as they come up on the screen. Yall Im so hooked. Ken has xBox 360 and I play online and all that are probably there are little 12 and 13 yr olds.. hahahahah they talk junk to me I talk Junk back and if they say nice things I say nice things. someties they kick my butt at the game and they beat me but thats ok I just play and play and play. hahahahhahahaha I want to video myself playing and put it on here so that I show yall what I do...

Since my nose is so stopped up I cant smell a thing. Sammy Kens oldest dog is pooting and he says it is about to knock him out I gave her some turkey for Thanksgiving today.. hehe


Lorraine said...

koreys nephew matt plays guitar hero. i think he wants the 3rd one for xmas. i didnt realize you could talk to others though; i thought it was just a video game.