Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Us at the scenic view of the Lake.

I had such a good time. Ken and I flew up early early Saturday morning. we went and had lunch in Maine with one of his friends from Iraq. We went to Becky's. Apparently it was on Food Tv as a place that Rachael Ray went too Im gonna Google it see what it was that she thought was so great about it. It was good. We went to the reunion on Sunday and Monday we went to lake Winnipesaukee. ( winna pa sock e ). Beautiful lake.

Hunter, he had so much fun in that pool!

This is classic. Water Balloon right in the butt!!!

Lorraine with wet pants

This is the Fam. Dummy had his hands in the air.. Lorraine's is better I think Ill get one of hers

All the little kiddies running around. We had the best water balloon fight EVER!!!

Ken and his shield. He was my King that day!

Patrick.. I think he is having a moment!

These are all of the 2nd generation cousins. (All of my cousins kids) I had such a good time Im glad that I went and surprised everyone!!!


Anonymous said...

did lorraine pee herself again?

Lorraine said...

oh boy, someone is REAL nice!

i love that you got rid of your music. haha

thanks for coming up. it was great to see you and it was quite a surprise.

i asked aj if he missed his auntie leeann tonight and he said yes. i think he was going to get teary eyed. perhaps he and i can come see you in sept.....

Lorraine said...

hey can you tell kenny that while scrapping our memories, no one likes a freaking DATE STAMP all over a nice picture.........lose it, kenny

Lorraine said...

oh, i had to say....i love that you put the phonetic spelling of winnepesaukee. haha!!!
and good job on spelling it ;)
next time we will have to go see the houses on governors island from the boat....you would LOVE those!

pjpokey said...

Not ALL of the cousins' kids... missing Abby and my mini-me that is making me tired as hell!!!
:) Pamela