Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I made a yummy dinner tonite. It was Chicken on the grill and I had some asparagus, rice, gr beans that I got from a garden of one of my customers. I had the most fun sitting there stringing them and snapping them in 2. Then I put them in a pot of water, salt and pepper and they cooked all day long.

I went shopping tonite with mother, she is all set now for her trip to New Hampshire. She got 4 new outfits. Bam TJMAXX is the best!! I just love that store. I can spend like hrs in there. They have everything from clothes to purses to bathroom fixtures. Then on the other side they have pits and pans and food thingys, flavors for you coffee.. JUST YUMMY!!!!

Have you all seen this show on the channel G4??? Im hooked on this channel. It has a show called Ninja Warrior. LOVE IT!!! I scream when they dont get it and I cheer when they succeed. Very cool show I advise you all to look it up and watch it.


Lorraine said...

i will have to remember to say great outfits, auntie d. haha

i hate the music. haha!