Friday, July 4, 2008

I hope everyone has a nice weekend. I know after working 9 days in a row Im going to enjoy every moment that I have off. Right now Im sitting outside in the sun porch at my table drinking some coffee listening to the birdies. It is very nice I might add. Its not hot or muggy. I have my fan on medium. The steam is coming out of the cup. Life is good at this moment in time. (You can refer to older posts to see pics of the sun porch.)
Alrighty then, Ya'll be safe lighting off those firecrackers tonight. Drink your beers cold and eat your hamburgers cooked.


Lorraine said...

hiya. have a great 4th and watch some fireworks for me!
you must be working so much so you can come to disney right???
hmm maybe you could stay a couple of nights at our house...shhh dont tell korey!

Anonymous said...

BLAH >>>BLAH >>>BLAH Get on with the baby pictures.....DEE DEE is watching I LOVE U ALL :O)