Monday, July 21, 2008

A couple of things today that I want to talk about.

1. Went to the Grasshopper game last night. We no longer walked through the gate and sat in our seats when Kens beeper went off. He had to go to work, Some girl as going to off herself and Ken and his negotiator team went to the rescue. So we stayed at the game while Ken went off to work. It was a good game it was close. By 1 point we won.

2. Standing in line today at the Food Lion they have 2 people working in 2 separate lines. There are lines from these cash registers going well into the isles why in the world do they not open another register?

My baby is getting ready to go on his big plane ride to New Hampshire. He is leaving on Friday. Please pray that he gets there alright and has a wonderful time!! See yah later!


Anonymous said...

I'm praying !!!!! Tell him to bring me back a frig magnet

Katie said...

just stopping in to say hi.
is your son visiting lorraine?