Sunday, August 3, 2008

The sound of the beach calms me. I got here at the beach last night and Im here to tell you, if the North thing doesnt work out I seriously would love to move to the beach. I have been saying it for years and Ill probably say it for more years to come. I want to live at the beach. I think the perfect life for a 20 something yr old person is from Memorial Day to Labor Day you live at the beach. From October to Easter you live in Colorado. Perfect Life right there. THings I would do different if I could go back and take what I know now. But If that happens I may have never met a no footed man, and well that would suck!


Lorraine said...

you are funny

seriously we all KNOW you are NEVER moving to the northeast ;)
the snow would be too much for your weak heart. haha

LeeAnn said...