Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain / Palin 08'

I don't normally put political things on the website. I am so excited this year about the campaigns. I was SHOCKED today when I found out it was Sarah Palin I honestly thought for sure that he was going to take Liberman, hahahahaha Hey why not? hahahaha anyways.. Well Lorraine.. Are you going to vote for McCain now because Hillary is out of it.. He has Sarah, who I have to say seems to be a ball buster. And shes a memeber of the NRA, enough said! hahahahaha Oh how I wish my daddy were here to comment on this!


Ken said...

And she's a HOCKEY MOM!!!!! And a hottie!!!!!

McCain/Palin 2008!!!!!

Anonymous said...

korey likes her too ;)

Lorraine said...

did i read you cant vote on my polls; why not. or do you mean you choose not to :(