Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My alphabet tag letter is "F"

My Letter is "F" . I was going to be "Funny" and put something "Fabulous" ,but I opped to do the "Fall" thing and do "FOOTBALL"!!!!! We have to go to our very own Carolina Panthers because our "Favorite" team the NEW YORK GIANTS ( you know the super bowl CHAMPIONS) are kinda "Far" away. but anyhoo.... come on "Football" season.... "Fall" is near...... This picture was taken on December 16th. It was Blakes birthday and we went to a "Football" game. We had a blast that day!!

Here is a fun challenge that Katie started called 26 Things. The idea is to take one picture for each letter of the alphabet through a game of blog-tag.

Here are the rules/directions:

1. If you are tagged, you are responsible for taking 1 picture of an item that begins with your letter. Be creative! Anything goes.

2. Post the picture on your blog.

3. Tag someone new with the next letter of the alphabet.

4. Since there are 26 letters, someone may be tagged multiple times. That is perfectly fine, but try to spread the love if you can.

5. If someone doesn't want to play, they should pass. Tag someone else in their place.

Now I guess I have to pick someone and since all my friends are Lorraines friends, I pick.... Sarah http://thisyearinphotos.blogspot.com/ If you get a chance... you should really go on her site just to look at it. This woman takes the best photos that I have ever seen. I so want to get rid of my mannual and get a digital just for this reason. She has a great eye and I think next year I am going to try her 365 days of pictures.. Sarah Have fun with the letter "G" . I know you will have no problem finding a pic for this letter!!


Lorraine said...

nice leeann!

come on sarah!