Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Us at the scenic view of the Lake.

I had such a good time. Ken and I flew up early early Saturday morning. we went and had lunch in Maine with one of his friends from Iraq. We went to Becky's. Apparently it was on Food Tv as a place that Rachael Ray went too Im gonna Google it see what it was that she thought was so great about it. It was good. We went to the reunion on Sunday and Monday we went to lake Winnipesaukee. ( winna pa sock e ). Beautiful lake.

Hunter, he had so much fun in that pool!

This is classic. Water Balloon right in the butt!!!

Lorraine with wet pants

This is the Fam. Dummy had his hands in the air.. Lorraine's is better I think Ill get one of hers

All the little kiddies running around. We had the best water balloon fight EVER!!!

Ken and his shield. He was my King that day!

Patrick.. I think he is having a moment!

These are all of the 2nd generation cousins. (All of my cousins kids) I had such a good time Im glad that I went and surprised everyone!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I got some MUSIC now it is so neat. I like it for now Im sure Ill get tired of it and move it off. But for now I like it. If you cant stand it just push pause and it will stop. Its all the way at the bottom. Tootles!!

I made a yummy dinner tonite. It was Chicken on the grill and I had some asparagus, rice, gr beans that I got from a garden of one of my customers. I had the most fun sitting there stringing them and snapping them in 2. Then I put them in a pot of water, salt and pepper and they cooked all day long.

I went shopping tonite with mother, she is all set now for her trip to New Hampshire. She got 4 new outfits. Bam TJMAXX is the best!! I just love that store. I can spend like hrs in there. They have everything from clothes to purses to bathroom fixtures. Then on the other side they have pits and pans and food thingys, flavors for you coffee.. JUST YUMMY!!!!

Have you all seen this show on the channel G4??? Im hooked on this channel. It has a show called Ninja Warrior. LOVE IT!!! I scream when they dont get it and I cheer when they succeed. Very cool show I advise you all to look it up and watch it.

Monday, July 21, 2008

A couple of things today that I want to talk about.

1. Went to the Grasshopper game last night. We no longer walked through the gate and sat in our seats when Kens beeper went off. He had to go to work, Some girl as going to off herself and Ken and his negotiator team went to the rescue. So we stayed at the game while Ken went off to work. It was a good game it was close. By 1 point we won.

2. Standing in line today at the Food Lion they have 2 people working in 2 separate lines. There are lines from these cash registers going well into the isles why in the world do they not open another register?

My baby is getting ready to go on his big plane ride to New Hampshire. He is leaving on Friday. Please pray that he gets there alright and has a wonderful time!! See yah later!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

July Birthday Month

Happy Birthday to my Dad on the 16th. Happy Birthday to Ken and Zaraha on the 17th. My friend Chancy on the 18th. Good golly Happy Birthday Everyone!!!!

Happy Anniversary Pam and Cliff!! THey will celebrate on the 21st of this month
This is my cousin Pammy, doesnt she look great holding her nephew Andrew. The older kid is Evrett her oldest nephew.

Call me crazy but I kinda want to read Tori Spellings book~~~~!!! hahahahahaha I cant quit watching Tori and Dean. It is so interesting. It is like a train wreck that I cant quit watching. What in the world is that matter with me?

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Here is precious...

She was a good girl this weekend. She is a great cuddler.!!! I didnt want to put her down. Im such a baby hog. I know I admit it I cant help it. I have come to the realization that I may not be a mommy and Im ok with that, so cut me some slack when I hog your child!! She was so sweet I wish that she lived closer because I MISS HER MOMMY, and well I wont get to see her that often. It was nice to pal around with Nikki. UGH she needs a Target down there. PLEASE if any of you reading this knows someone who knows someone else who can build a Target in the town of Littleton NC Please put him in contact with me!! Enjoy the pics....

This is Penny and Chris. Nikkis Sister

and of course me

this is Zach, Nikki, Jon, Carly

Sunday, July 6, 2008


I did bring my camera. I have taken Pictures of Carly. I have fed her. I have held her while she is sleeping. I however, did not bring my computer so no pictures till I get home. Sorry. Im leaving Lake Gaston early on Tuesday morning. So Ill upload as soon as I get home. Go to my Cousin Lorraines' blog. She just got back from a trip to Western Canada. HOW BEautiful is that. Let me know what you think of her hotel.. I have to tell you it scared me. It was the Overlook Hotel all over. hahahahahahha DANNY DOESNT LIVE HERE ANYMORE.... Of course Kens favorite line is " Im not gonna hurt yah, Im just gonna bash your fu#king head in. Bash it right the F*ck in." hahahahaha he can say it better. Went to the fireworks the other night. We watched them come up over Archdale. Had the perfect seat. I love fireworks. I know tey look the same each year and a firework is a firework but to me they are all different everytime. hahahahahahhaahhahaha

Friday, July 4, 2008

I hope everyone has a nice weekend. I know after working 9 days in a row Im going to enjoy every moment that I have off. Right now Im sitting outside in the sun porch at my table drinking some coffee listening to the birdies. It is very nice I might add. Its not hot or muggy. I have my fan on medium. The steam is coming out of the cup. Life is good at this moment in time. (You can refer to older posts to see pics of the sun porch.)
Alrighty then, Ya'll be safe lighting off those firecrackers tonight. Drink your beers cold and eat your hamburgers cooked.