Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving pictures

We had a really nice day. Wine was drank..drunk..gone!! hahah My turkey was fab. It wasnt dry at all. I was very thankful for that. No one wants a dry turkey. We decorated Kens Christmas tree tonite.. pictures will be above in a minute. Got a little sad when we saw the Sammy ornaments. Ok.. lemme upload the Christmas pics..

This is the picture that the anonymous blogger was talking about... Like it everyone???


Lorraine said...

great tday pics. where is the one of you and the turkey?

and ummm kenny. dogs dont belong on the bed. haha, abby isnt even allowed upstairs but i know you guys have 1st floor living. but still.........

LeeAnn said...

THat is the only pic that I didnt get!!! I HAVE NO PICTURE OF MY TURKEY!!!!! oh well.. Ill get another one for Christmas!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh and your Thanksgiving cactus is beautimus!!!! Too bad you didn't post the other picture!!!! I'm going to send you my plant. And the Christmas tree looks very nice.