Friday, November 7, 2008

The Special Olympics start today. The opening ceremonies start at 7pm!! I cant wait. Ken vol there for the roller skating event. There is this one man called "Lightening" He is so awesome. He walks it instead of actually roller skating it, they had to glue his wheels so that they wouldnt move. The best part about Lightening is that even though he is last place you would never know it when he steps off that rink. Lightening gets so many people rooting for him . Such a wonderful thing. I will have pictures for all this weekend. We got a busy one ahead.. the spec olym the Vererans Day parade that Ken will march in.. he will look so handsome in his uniform .. its is like a Honor Guard uniform.. HMMMMMMMM Oye.. talk later must goto work.. Katie what is Yoville on FB??? do you know anthing about it?


Lorraine said...

nice!!! have fun going.