Monday, November 3, 2008


Alright I signed up on Facebook because Lorraine told me too that it was fun. So if anyone on here has a facebook page or knows how to use it please HELP!!!!! Ok..... Thank you

Now onto other things.. Are any of you watching a show in HBO called True Blood? If so.. leave me a message.. IM so Hooked on it. It is so silly but it is so entertaining!! I think the head Vampire is HOTT!!!!! below is a picture of him.. when I first saw him I didnt hink he was so hott till I saw him in action on Tv..


Mary said...

I'm thinking of starting a Facebook page too. Katie would probably be helpful w/ questions. I believe she has been on there for a while.

Christina said...

Hey Girl! I have a Facebook!! Its Under Christina Zastrow Sumner :-)