Sunday, November 9, 2008

Our Weekend

Ahhh What a weekend. I am gald that it is over. Friday night was opening ceremonies.

Then we went to the dance on Saturday night and oh my Lord, we had a good time. Those men and women were getting down to everything from Gangsta rap to Country.
It was packed on that dance floor. I wanted to go out there for the Electric Slide but I didnt I stayed behind and danced on the side lines. I tell you what High Point has the Special Olympics for 2 more years and then it moves to another city in NC. It is a special privilige to know and work with these athletes. Most of them have and extra chromosone,Which I think is Love. They are so full of love!!!!! When they see you coming they automatically put their hands out for a handshake or their arms open for a hug. I have never in my life seen someone so happy to be out there having fun. There is a pic of Lightening and boy he is my favorite.It takes Lightening like 3 minutes to go 100 meters. Its just great he is so happy. Along with Wilma, after she crossed the finish line she does her little butt shake. hahaha It is so funny! The Firemen there were very nice too.. Enjoy the pictures..

Hmmmmm This is a great pic!!