Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sammy update

Today is a sad sad day. Please read the post below. I came home from errands today and Sammy was shaking and she had a fever. She also had an infection, that I knew couldnt wait til tomorrow. I called Ken, he came home and off to the vet we went.
Needless to say, the vet came out after an X-ray and told us that it was bone cancer on her leg. She was in pain and the quality of her life would be in pain for the rest of her days. We decided to let Sammy go to doggie heaven. It is very devastating for Ken. me too but Ken mostly! In fact a very very hard thing to do.

Sammy for the 2 yrs that I have known her was the best dog ever. She will be very missed and thought of quite often. I love you Sammy girl!!


Lorraine said...

oh i am sorry for you and ken....

Anonymous said...

I hate to hear about Sammy. My condolences.