Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Sun Porch

Ya'll this porch was nasty and I should have taken a before pic of what it looked like because now you wouldn't even recognize it. It looks so pretty. I bought a rug and got rid of moms dumpster dive rug that she gave me. I put some plants out there and vola I have to say beautiful!

I have had my windows open the past couple of days because it was so nice outside. THE AIR CONDITIONER came on today baby! It is set at 75 for right now and in the summer Ill turn it up to 76 . Enjoy the room pics!


Anonymous said...

The porch does look great!!! I especially like the umbrella plant you put out there. That looks nice next to the sliding door. And your Boston ferns look good too. Aren't you little miss "Martha"!!!