Thursday, May 1, 2008

My Rant for Today

I got up this morning and I looked into the mirror and wondered to myself " I wonder what the "" Time Bitch "" tried to do to me last night." I didnt notice any new lines that the sneaky "time bitch" did so I continued to put my face on.I started with the moisturizer with SPF in it, then I proceeded to put the skin so friendly makeup by Bare Escentuals on. I got dressed and and wondered how in the hell am I only 33 and I have this thing I call a 'muffin top'. When did I get this and how do I get rid of it!?!? SO whateer I did the best I could to hide it and off to work I go with my orange juice in hand. I get to work and work is work. Then I got a surprise!!!!! Ken sent me 1 dozen roses of all different colors and that did brighten my day. It was a very nice thing to do and I appreciate it very much. THen I come home make some corn on the cob on the grill which was I have to say wonderful! It was very tasty. I grilled it and then I added some salt and I sprinkled it with fresh parsley and I have to say move over Giada. :o) Alright I have to go and take my makeup off now and get ready for bed. GOsh I have to put more gunk on so the "Time Bitch" doesnt pull one of her sneaky tricks and put a line on my face where one doesnt not belong. You have to watch her, she sneaks up on you and boom one day you wake up and you are a wrinkled old raisin. NOT going to happen to me by god if I can help it. PS..... I think the more inches I lose due to the life changing eating habits I have now taken over for the past 6 mths the more my muffin top shows.... UGH~ by god Im not going to be wrinkled!


Lorraine said...

ken is such a sweet boy....
its kdog's bday today!!!