Friday, May 2, 2008

The shows on TV

What in the hell is this world coming too? I was watching on the discovery channel that their is actually a show called "Inside a Thief". WHAT? what it is about is this guy goes to these peoples homes and he breaks in and steals all this stuff that he can steal that is worth anything. HOW FRIGHTENING!!!!!! The people come home and see that they have been ransacked and then as they are freaking out the thief comes in and tells them what he did and why he did it. He sits them down and tells them that their home is unsafe this is how he got in and bla bla bla... WHAT are you kidding me, as if these phsyco people out there need any more information on how to do something that is wrong. Just the other day it was the 13 yr old giving birth and now this. ugh I really dont know what this world is coming to. LOCK YOUR DOORS. Shut your windows if you are going to go out and not be home. Geeeeeze Ya'll write to me and let me know what ya'll think of this am I being uptight?

GOing to go to the Spring Folly tonite. It is going to be so much fun. They have rides and all sorts of fresh veggies and fruit from the locals.. I cant wait. See yah later!


Lorraine said...

danimal has 4 locks on his back door....
go danimal!