Sunday, October 31, 2010

Day 9 Picture of my friends

These are my best buds! I'm on their side no matter what!!

Pictures of my friends... Well since I work all the time I have my friends at work...
This is a picture of us last year for Halloween...I missed out on it this year. This is a more recent photo that we took last year because we added Sarah.

Enjoy the pictures...BY THE WAY.. they are in no particular order! I just grabbed them when I saw them in my file! I have many more but we would be here uploading all day. I would give shout outs to them but again we would be here all day!!!

This is a great picture of you! I thought that you would like it!!


Lorraine said...

awwww thanks for including me :)
that pic of us eating ice cream andrew just used for his family pics at tiger cubs. he made cute ice cream cones to go with it out of pompoms and paper

mixed girl said...

Thanks, doll! So happy I made your post! LOL