Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day 5 and 6 of the 30 day Challenge. PLUS some beach

30 day Challenge day 6. A picture of something that makes me feel good. The ocean makes me feel good. My exhusband used to say that he liked going to the beach with me because I was in such a better mood. HA so true, but in reality it was him who I was miserable because of. HAHAHA Anyhoo... The beach. I think it has to do with the fact that I am a picses. The water, whether it be an ocean, or a lake, I feel happy. It is a chance for everything that is on my mind for it to drift away with the tide. Im at total peace with myself, the world, my job, my headaches anything that is on my mind, it goes away. I always wanted to live at the beach from Memorial Day to Halloween. From Thanksgiving to Easter I want to live in Colorado on a ski slope. 1 year. Thats all I would like to take off of my life is 1 year. Not now. I have a kid, and a husband. I have a new Happy. The ocean will always have my heart! Stay tunned tomorrow for Favorite Movies!!!!

30 day Challenge day 5. Siblings:
While I was here at the beach I jump on to my mothers computer and, I decided to upload a picture of my Sibling. This is my sibling Bryce and his fiance Teresa. They will be getting married on May 22, 2011. We are so very excited. My sibling and I have had very different lives. Where I went left, Bryce went straight,around a curve, up a hill and through the woods. In those woods he was in, he found out what he needed to do to get out of those woods. He has been out of the woods for 2 years. He has met a very nice young woman and we are excited to have her part of our family. They live in a nice neighborhood with no woods around.

ALSO We went to the beach today and I took little man on a photo shoot. I think he did very well. Yankees didn't do so well baby. Maybe next year!

His toesies in the water. He loved it. He said he cant wait to come down here next summer and go swimming! Cant you tell he loves it...

I "think" he is going to be a thinker.

HE IS JUST SO PRECIOUS!!!! I just want to squeeze him, take all his sugars and put them in a jar for me only!


Lorraine said...

cute pics.
yeah i still havent started on day 1 but better luck tomorrow

mixed girl said...

Cute pics! Love your post! Hope yall are having fun at the beach! I know you are :)