Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day 8 of the 30 day challenge

Day 8 A place that I have been.

Well I have been lots of places. We can talk all day about places that I have been and the things that we have seen. I personally would love to go to more places. Italy, Ireland, Hawaii, France, Eastern part of Canada, etc...
I have seen some of the most beautiful mountains, waterfalls that would take your breath away. There is a place in upstate NY that will make you feel like we ( the people) are a gnat on an ant.
There is a spot at the beach in Cherry Grove that we used to call the point. It was where you could just walk out when the tide was low to the other side and find all these different looking sea shells, hermit crabs (that weren't in a store), horseshoe crabs.. some one found a sand dollar one time.

A place is where I put some of my favorite things. I have this wooden box that holds pictures of my father, old boyfriends, letters from my Granny along with letters from my Nonna. I have a picture in there of Blake. I have to add a picture of Ken and a picture of Hank.

There is a place in my heart for things. I have a special place for Hank. When I give him his bottle that little place melts. Also, when he has real tears falling it tugs on that special place in my heart because I feel bad for him. Poor baby!

Place... the place I'm going to go to right now is the Kitchen to feed this hungry boy I have so he can sleep peacefully through the night!!!