Tuesday, October 26, 2010

30 Day Challenge day 7

This is day 7 of my 30 day challenge. Favorite Movies. I have a TON of favorite movies. I have so many that I could not even seriously put them all on here. I have a story of course for each and every one... The first of course every girls first is DIRTY DANCING
I went to see this movie in November 1987. I have seen it 1,000,999,001 times since. I know every line. This just happens to be one of my favorite parts.. All you have to say is "I carried a watermelon" and immediately people know what movie you are talking about.

Princess Bride

MaWidge.. MaWidge is wut bwings us togevor.


The Marquis de Sade. WOW. If you have never seen this movie it is a must!

The Sound of Music

Yea... I know I sing the songs too. Yea I know I thought when I was 16 I was going to be just like Liesel. I loved Maria's wedding gown as much as I did Princess Diana's. I wanted a wedding just like theirs.


How can you not love a movie about country dancing at a run down bar with a wooden floor.. (see 15 things that I love, Day 1)

Shag I know every line to this one too. I love this move because it has to do with the beach, spring break, friends, AND it has the best music ever! Who doesn't want to go to Myrtle Beach and meet boys? Plus I know where all the shots were done for the actual movie. I have been there and stood right there where they are dancing! Awesome!

Silence of the Lambs
WHAT?? GOOD BYE HORSES.. Don't make me get that freaky song on my blog again!!

A Christmas Story I love the 24 hrs of this on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I watch it all day long no matter the part that it is on. It goes off and I watch it from the beginning again. Bumpasses...Sons of bitchessss

Officer and a Gentleman
I love a man in uniform. Whew.. This movie made me feel all squishy inside.

I hope you have enjoyed your movie ride along with me today. Stay tuned for tomorrow when I write about A place I have traveled to.