Sunday, March 29, 2009

OUR first Race Martinsville, Va

Well as you can tell Ken and I have had a busy day. Let me start out from this morning. We wake up leave the house at 7am. We get into M-ville at approximately 8am. WE SAT IN TRAFFIC AT 8 am for 2 hrs!! 2 HRS no lie. Anyhoo after we got our credentials ( HOT PASSS ) we calmed down and remembered that along with our beer we also brought paitence. HOLY COW bat man we were very close. It was awesome. I have a new prespective of Nascar now. the roar of the engines, the pound in your heart as they go past you and then once they pass you are left with the smell of burnt rubber and the hottest gust of wind you have ever felt. Truly an experience of a lifetime. We were down int he pits, next to the crews, and drivers. Of course Ken and I didnt know who we were hob knobbing with because we are not (correction ) WERE not race people. Man I tell you It was awesome! There was one good picture that I wished my hair was not blowing but oh well... Enjoy.... Oh I forgot to tell you when you call me on the phone.. If Im yelling Its because I am slightly deaf. I had 2 sets of ear protection on!


Anonymous said...

thats not tony stewart anymore but thank you for the pics

LeeAnn said...

I know.. Its Joey Lugano.. Duh.. Tony Stewart is 14.. I got that pic for Ken.. He likes Joey Lugano

LeeAnn said...

The 18, 20, and 11 is Joe Gibbs racing. Thats how we got tickets