Sunday, March 1, 2009

Good Holly...

Our Casey girl.. She is terrified!
Chewing on her bone.. although she is on Casey's bed.
awww she really likes us..

Rain Rain go away.. please let it snow today...If it don't, I shall cry...But Ill keep praying that the dogs stay dry.

Well our second day with Holly has been productive. After the 3:30 letting out and the 7:30 letting out she has done fine. She will not eat dry dog food so slick me went to the store and got some wet food to mix with the dry food. Slick Holly ate all the wet food and spit out alot of the dry food. Casey our human/dog vacuum cleaner took care of the floor for me. She has finally laid down on one of the beds and she has quite a little hoard of toys.. her Bear, a bone, and if Casey gets near it she runs her off. It is quite entertaining. She went to the door earlier all by her self and so we let her out ( we will teach the doggie door later ) she did her business and came back in. It is SOAKING wet outside so of course the kitchen floor is a mess. Oh also I am proud to report that she drank some water earlier!! Yeah!!! She likes us she really likes us. Ill like her better when she can be a self sufficient doggie. Right now I have to get used to her, so my allergies are HAYWIRE!!!!! I dont think she has ever seen TV before poor thing.. she keeps looking at it and then just a minute ago there were some dogs barking and she shot up and went barking at the other dogs. hahahahah Too funny.

Nice cold rainy day to do nothing. Im making pinto beans to eat tonite with the pork loin I have with Carrots and Potatoes. yummy Then later in the week Ill have some pork chops and Applesauce....