Sunday, March 8, 2009

Spring ? Really? Ahead?

I hope you didnt forget to turn your clocks forward an hour last night. I got a text this morning bright and early at 7:30 aka 8:30 reminding me. Hmmmmm now Im up and trying to not waste the hour of yet another beautiful morning. It was 73' yesterday. Hard to believe that we had 5.5 inches of snow 6 days before. Thats NC for yah!

Well Ken and I are not "officially" engaged, but we have a wedding date. More on that subject later. Right now we are getting ready for our Tampa trip. I was hoping that I would see Derek again but I dont think that it is looking to bright. I believe he will be playing on the world team for baseball.. A-Rod will be out on hip surgery so I will have to try my mad photo skills on a new subject. Besides I think Ken will start to wonder if I came homw with another 300 pictures of Derek Jeter. Oh well...

The new dogs name is Trouble. It fits her well. She threwup all over the dang floor Thursday night and once in the bedroom. She grabs pillows from the bed and makes her own bed with them. HEY STUPID we have nice fluffy dog beds for you. Yeah she loves us, she wants to be near to us at night. Shes not throwing up anymore so that is a good thing. Ill see if I can find some pics.. off to look for those and post and then out to take some morning pictures.


Anonymous said...

you dont wonder why she was at the pound do you???

LeeAnn said...

No I dont wonder why she was at the pound? Why do you ask?