Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres

I watch her show on my days off. It comes on here at 4pm on CBS. I am not on the same page with her politcally. I really dont give a rats ass that her partner is Portia. I watched her years ago when she was on VH1 comedy. She was with Paula Poundstone, Rosie back in her day etc...

I watch her show, I laugh. I am litereally smiling practically the whole show.
She ( when she isnt being the political girl ) is very funny. I really like her! I think, she is beautiful.

HAHAHAH let me share this with yall...
There is a frontline commercial that says: " here comes trouble" Well Trouble heard that and came in the kichen hahahahahahah That is funny.. That is what Ken says all the time!
I simply call her shitbag. She comes to that too!

My supper menu:
Pork chops
Applesauce.. home made!
mac and cheese
pinto beans...home made!!

All of it is about 8 points! Yummy!!!!


Katie said...

yummy, you'll have to pass on any good ww pts
how much weight did u lose total?

Katie said...

i meant pass me on good recipes
duh :)

LeeAnn said...

I know what you meant..My goal was 20 and I lost 24. I am maintaining now.. BUT between you and me.. Im still on the program just cheaper. The rec. I fouind online at ww.com.. Im not on etools any longer but I will share with you everything that I did!

Anonymous said...


You're gonna give her a complex!!!

Lorraine said...

i love ellen's show. she is always so happy.
of course i think i also agree with her politically ;)

i cant wait to see skinny you; i didnt realize how much you lost! congrats!

Anonymous said...

Who is Ellen DeGeneres???

LeeAnn said...

Its alright Lorraine.. Its what makes the world go round!!

kate said...

um why are you trying to lose weight? you are beautiful.

and quite calling pound dog sh!tbag. if you don't, she will need therapy someday and have a love/hate relationship with you and all of that crazy stuff. heh.

LeeAnn said...

Thank you Kate... I was just tired of looking at all the clothes I have in my closet that I was keeping for a rain day and them not being worn. Finacially I cant buy new clothes.. So I just quit eating and Vola... I can wear stuff I havent in 5 yrs. That feels good.. although now I still have to go buy new clothes because well Im not 29 anymore and my style has changed!
I know I know... but St#t bag is so perfect for her. She needs a dog whisperer. HAHAHAHAHHA