Monday, December 15, 2008

What a Busy Week This is going to be.......

What a busy week this is going to be.
1st I have to make a cake for the Birthday boy.
2nd I have to go and get him a fun birthday present instead of lame ole clothes.
3rd I WANT to go to Chandler and Corbins house to see the new room that
Make A Wish did.

On that note let me go ahead and tell you what these people did. Strangers, neighbors, family and friends went on Saturday to decorate Chandlers and Corbins room.
They came and did everything along with help of course. She got her Webkinz and didnt have a computer to play them on, and *poof* one appeared. In her room there wasnt a TV and then *poof* one appeared.
I swear sometimes when you have doubt that Americans are rotten people come along and surprise you to restore in your mind that people are decent after all! The support that this family has received during this time has been just overwhelming.

So I cant chat on here long.. be rest assured when I go over to Christen the room with my monkey call ill have tons of pictures.

**( my monkey call is for the Jungle theme room that Corbin now has )


Mary said...

Wow, that is awesome!