Monday, December 8, 2008

Getting to know you Christmas edition part II

Getting To Know You Xmas Edition Part II

Welcome to the 2nd Edition of Getting To Know Your Family and Friends, Christmas Style. You know the drill. GO!!!!!!!!

1. Do you put up outdoor Christmas decorations? Tasteful ones.. Garland, a wreath.
Ken puts up all the animations.

2. Do you have a favorite Christmas cookie? Fruit cake cookies are the best. They taste nothing like fruit cake!

3. What is the best gift you ever gave someone? Hmmm all my gifts are awesome

4. Do you like fruitcake? Nope

5. What is your least favorite Christmas song? I hate the Peanuts song. Schorders piano song UGH!

6. Do you go to church on Christmas Eve/Christmas Day? No neither... we go the other 52 Sundays in the year. Christmas Mass is for all the once a year'ers.

7. Do you hang Christmas stockings? Where? I hang them on the mantel.

8. Do you truly believe "it's the most wonderful time of the year"? Nah Halloween is my Favorite.. I think thats the most wonderful time of the year.

9. Have you ever worn a Santa hat? Of course I have.

10. Are you more like Scrooge or Father Christmas? Ummmm Im the Christmas Angel. Ken calls me Scrooge.

11. Do you hang mistletoe? No.

12. Does Santa wrap presents or just place them under your tree? Santa never has wrapped my presents. He puts them all together so that I can play with them that moment. I never see one thing out of place that morning. We werent allowed to open presents till Mom and Dad got up. But Santa always laid our toys out. out of the package and ready to go.

13. Do you Ice Skate? Love too. Yes!!!

14. Do you love snow? I do love snow. Here in the South we stop moving when snow gets here. Its a day off of work to watch it fall. Once it does and the rednecks get out there and screw it up then its old and Im tired of it.

15. Which do you prefer--giving or receiving? Giving

16. Candy Canes--yuck or yum? Not a fan. I will pass!!

17. The 3 best things about Christmas? The food, Family and Friends, The Chritmas Tree all lit up and the rest of the room dark.

18. What type of decoration should stop being made? The spray snow.

19. Do you listen to 24/7 holiday radio? No. Not all the time. I have it playing while Im wrapping gifts or decorating the tree. Maybe Christmas morning while we open gifts.

20. Rudolph or Frosty? Im a Frosty Girl. I like Rudolph too But Frosty to me is the Best! He is the best man.... he appears, has a good time, then goes away. I Love it!! LOL******** LMFAO*******