Sunday, December 21, 2008

This is what Corbin drew and Katie then drew it for her on a ceiling tile at Ronald McDonald house!

Just a few pictures of our Christmas today with the Chandler Family. I gave some pictures of Corbin and I also got a picture of the tile that Katie drew on the Ronald McDonald ceiling. It is a picture of what Corbin drew on an Etch-A-Sketch while they were staying there during her treatments. It is a picture that she says keeps reoccurring in her mind. It is always there. She is moody and told her father today that she had to go Christmas shopping and that she needed to get some things for people!! I love it!! I didnt get to see the kids today which was a bummer. I wanted to hear all about the ACDC concert that Chandler got to go to . He had a ball. they had close up seats and everything. He had the full concert experience down to the beer being spilled on him!! hahahah it was great!! he had a blast which is what he needs right now in his life!


Anonymous said...

Who dat baby?!?!