Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Ps. I Love You

I just got finished watching I think one of the worst MOVIES!!!! I cried for like the whole 2 hrs. Its terrible!!

I do like the way that it ended. In tears I was clapping. Unsure if I was glad that it was over or that she was back in Ireland with the hottie! Let me know what you think..


Ken said...

I know exactly what you mean!! When Captain Kirk died in "Generations" I was inconsolable. I was a total wreck.

Anonymous said...

Oh, did you watch it with her?? Kudos if you did, oatmeal if you didn't!!!

Lorraine said...

i saw it a while ago so i cant really remember it but i read the book too.

who is this oatmeal character??!

LeeAnn said...

YEah no I would not subject him to the 2 hr torture! I wish someone would have told me how terrible it was.