Monday, February 25, 2008

Okay here are some things that I love.

1. I love the smell of a thunderstorm. The lightening that flickers across the sky in a horizontal line, and then the big clap of thunder. The way that the smell of the rain has that scent on hot dry pavement. When I am lying in bed and the lightening lights up the whole room that is the bestest!

2. The beach. The ocean. Anything pertaining to the sea. I love the sand and the water and the sun. Then smell of suntan lotion. FABULOUS!!!!

3. My nephew. Enough said.

4. Soft pillowcases that are 100% cotton.

5. The smell of a hair salon.

Sorry Lorraine. Im not really in the mood to play maybe Ill think of some other things later. I tag Cassie. Sorry Cassie go read Lorraines blog about what you are supposed to do. hahahahahahaha


Lorraine said...

you did pretty good. i rate that a 3/5. HAHA!!!
good thing you like the smell of a hair salon :)

Cassie said...

Thanks, LeeAnn (please note sarcasm). Actually, it will be kind of fun.

The Shaughnessy Tribe said...

Hi Leann, I am Lorraine's friend and have heard a lot about you from her. We like so may things the same, I love a good loud pouring rain storm. It is so relaxing. There is nothing like getting into bed and having a great pillowcase and sheets. I grew up by the ocean and it is the best.
Also, I am so sorry about what you are going through. I just lost my brother a few months ago and can totally understand how painful it is. What is helping with us is staying close to our family and talking about what happened. It is so surreal at first.
Good tag.

Kelli said...

Hi LeAnn,
I'm following Lorraine's TAG. Hope you don't mind me snooping! haha. Lorraine is a friend of my sister Mary.
I am so sorry for your loss. Losing a family member is alot to bear. I wish you strength through this difficult journey.