Thursday, February 28, 2008

I have so much running through my little mind at this moment that this post will be all over the board!
Ahhh ok.. Lorraine.. I am not sure how mych the discount will be from Kens Dominoes Pizza deal Im sure it will be just enough so that he will start ordering again.
Ken was upset that I didnt mention him on the 5 thing of stories or whatever it was I was tagged for. so here it is:

6. Ken my boyfriend I love him.

Ok now for the other stuff.. My car is once again in the shop due this time to overheating. Not good. Last week it was some heater coil thingy and now this week it is a thermostat. ok now he tells me that my car really needs and 30,000 mile check so ofcourse since my jeep is on up there in age I get it done. BAD BAD week for everything to fall apart.
Went to see Paulie Shore last night at the comedy club. It was ok I think he is a has been and I think I will never pay 30 bucks to see him again. Some of his little schpeels were funny but most werent. He kept looking over in our direction so I had to laugh David felt the same way just so he wont point us out. I was yawning and he hadnt even come on stage yet. Anyhoo.. ok OH THE MOST IMPORTANT TING.... Men in Trees came back on the air!!!! yea Im so excited I cant wait to watch it. Thank goodness for DVR. The little buggers changed the night that it came on on me. It used to come on Friday night and it came on this week on Wed. Im so happy I cant wait. I have to go and check to see if I missed anymore!! hmmmmmmm.... Ok Im going to go for now. Loved ranting and raving to you folks. See yah!