Monday, February 25, 2008

I have been Tagged

I have been tagged to write about my 5 favorite things or 5 things that I love? I really have no clue.

On another note I was talking to Ken this morning and he had a message on his machine. Well I am neurotic about answering the phone and getting messages because you never know when someone may really need you. Anyways... he had a message and I told him he better check it because you never know. His message was from Dominoes Pizza. they had noticed that he hasnt ordered any pizza and wanted to give him a discount. HAHAHAHAHA. I think that is so funny. Hes not eating that shit because it is hello BAD FOR YOU!!!!!! hhhahahahahah. Nah he still eats pizza... He will be ordering it more because he now will get a discount.

Okay Im going to go and write 5 things that I love. Watch out.. beware!


Lorraine said...

how mcuh is the discount for!!!