Monday, February 11, 2008

The Flu

Oh my god people. This flu, super virus, severe cold, whatever it may be has kicked my tail this weekend. I started coughing Friday night, it was a dry cough. I told myself over and over that I wasnt getting sick. Well Saturday morning I woke up and And still said to myself that I wasnt getting sick. Well thats a bunch of bull. I got sick as a dog. By 12:30 that afternoon all I wanted to do was lie down in my bed and just lay still. I had a fever and the IBU was wearing off. So I came home and did nothing but lay in the bed for the past 48 hrs. I got up today for a little while and now Im sitting here with my new slanket watching TV. I dont plan to do anything tomorrow except continue to lay here and pray that this crap goes away before Wednesday. Oh please oh please let this crap go away. For anyone of you out there that gets this stuff or hasnt gotten it Beware be very aware!It is the absolute worst crap that I have encountered before. Ya'll know when Im sick Im sick. It doesnt happen often. ok... Peace Love and Happiness!


Lorraine said...

feel better soon!!!

Barbara said...

hope you feel better soon.. if you think its cold in NC, I'll send you some 12degree weather to kill those germs.... and by the way, we hate the Giants!! LOL