Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tummy time was on the bed today!!

WE had a good time on the bed today for tummy time. He rolled over for me on the bed, hasn't done it since. This is the first time since Friday that he has rolled over. I clap and clap and say good job, put him on his tummy to do it again and well NOTHING. Its like he is saying "yeah right I did it once and I'm not doing it again."
Ill get more pictures up as I take them. I thought that I would be a picture taking fool with him but I just don't have time. He gets cranky too quick! Speaking of cranky... gotta go! Enjoy the pictures!


sandy said...

love that pic!

Lorraine said...

wait till he rolls....off the bed! ha
and the pic of all three of you--i can tell you are telling ken to shut up and smile and telling henry to look cute b/c your face looks crazy strained. HAHA