Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Sunday Morning rant

You ever get so mad at electronics you cant see straight? AHHHHH that is where I'm at right now. I wanted to send out my picture of little man in my "I hate Valentines Valentine", and I cant paste a picture any longer to an email. It sends it as an attachment... WHAT???? UGHHHHH why do we like these little machines that do nothing but piss me off? If this machine was a human I would not even be friends with it. Unless, it did everything I wanted it too. UGHHHHHH If I cant get it to work right you all may be getting an attachment email instead of a nice picture email! I want to do this to my puter sometimes

but I don't... Ill get it working right I hope OR else!

We have a busy busy next 3 months!! We got our tickets for Yankee Spring Training games. We got tickets for a baseball game in Baltimore to see the Yankee's play the Orioles, I have the Savannah trip, We have weddings and weddings and MORE weddings!! Henry has an outfit for the occasion! I got a super cute outfit from one of my friends yesterday!! TOO CUTE FOR WORDS. A picture is going to be much better. HE will be wearing that outfit today so a picture will follow!!
Have a great Sunday.


CKGRLNC said...

HAHA!! I will make sure to tell the friend to check out the pictures todsy!