Sunday, February 6, 2011

Red tomato... Yellow Corn....

Lots of friends went on the farm, come along with me... Red tomato....

This is what we hear NON STOP because Henry LOVES his exersaucer.... He turns the pages on his book, he bounces and every time he does the song comes on.... Quite cute!

This week, we have started giving Henry veggies!! HE loves the Acorn Squash, the Green Beans, not so much. He kind of gags when we feed it to him. Well I fed them to him last night and he gagged but I think that was because they were not warmed! He loves his morning oatmeal! Lately though he has been getting up like at 5ish instead of 6ish. We got spoiled there for a while and when his RSV hit it threw him all off schedule!! Dumb Virus!

Apparently, I have been given the stylish blogger award...

There are 4 duties which must be
performed when you receive this award:

1. Thank and link back to the person who send you this award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself
3. Award 15 recently discovered great blogger.
4. Contact the bloggers you picked and let them know about the award

So Thank You Ashley for this great honor, I wish I had gotten it first so that I could have given it to you!!! Visit Ashley at her blog Or go over to my peeps and find Episodes of a Mixed Girl

Very cute read!! She is all cuteness!!

So 7 things about myself are as follows....

1. I love coffee from a percolator! I recently got one and I absolutely love it!
2. I have to sleep on 100% cotton pillow cases. They also have to have a certain feel to them, I know I'm crazy...
3. I have to have lipstick on 100% of the time.
4. I love cooking, I, before the family, wanted to go out to Montana and cook for all the ranch hands and fall madly in love with the owner of the ranch. OR maybe that was a book I read, anyhoo.. hehe
5. I love taking pictures and if I could I would LOVE to go around and take pictures and sell them!
6. I don't have alot of Girlfriends, But the ones I have are very close to me! I cherish them always! I was never one of those girls to have like a ton of girls to be friends.. I'm a guys gal! Girls are a little too drama-ie....
7. I love it when Henry falls asleep on me. I know I should go put him down so he doesn't get used to being held, BUT I hold on too him for a little bit, Then I go put him down! I cant help it.. he is just so CUTE!

Alright I'm off to award 15 people this award.... Do I have 15 people I can give this too?


Ashley said...

You are so welcome! You and your lip stick! :) And, I love that you love to cook because your cooking is awesome!!! Love the pic of little H, thats too darn cute!