Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Oh my... After my Dr's visit yesterday I had some discomfort, and I'm sure that was because she was literally up to her elbows in my body. ( or so it felt ) My feet are looking much better honestly since I haven't been on them as much. My feet really is the only place that the swelling has gone.. I mean EVERYTHING on my body is "swollen" but me feet were bad. I'm almost at this point right now just to induce labor. I have heard that it is the way to go to start loosening and softening:

Today I think will be a day of going to Khols. Only because I have a 30% coupon. I don't really need anything but by God I'm going to go because I have a coupon. for 30% OFF no doubt. Then I'm going to come on home and watch some TV.

Oh good gracious... I'm off to go to Khols.


Lorraine said...

you mean KOHLS
i ordered 2x online a bunch of stuff, using a 30% off code

LeeAnn said...

oh is it spelled Khols... Kohls... hahahahahahha Oh well...