Saturday, September 4, 2010


Has anyone seen my ankle bone? It is gone, and I dont know where to find it. Please tell me if you see it walking around bodyless...

I made this tasty treat tonite. You know I needed something without salt because as we all know in the above picture I am no longer able to have salt. I love, love, LOVE chex mix. I couldnt have it because of the soy sauce, the season salt, the garlic salt, ( the garlic powder doesnt taste as good ) or the onion salt> ( again the onion powder was not that good ) SO, I did this instead:

Chex Mix
2c wheat, rice, and corn chex
1c peanuts or whatever to taste
1c nabs ( cheese nips )
6tbls of butter ( salted or no salt.. I used no salt but I prefer salt)
2 1/2tbls of hot sauce. ( Texas Pete is what I had )
1 packet of ranch dressing powder.

heat butter, hot sauce, and ranch in sauce pan.
Pour over the chex dry mixture and bake for 1 hr on 250' stirring every 15 min.

It is YUMMY Here is a picture:

Got the car seats installed in the car. Now all we need is baby... 2 more weeks left for work and then I am off to await the arrival of my little soccer, tantrum, football kicker. My little drum beating on my bladder, boy!!!