Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ahhh today....

Im still preggers.. Here is a pic..

We go to the doctor tomorrow to see if I have made any progress in a week.

Other then that we are just hanging around doing our thing until the blessed event takes place. Here are some pictures of Community Day yesterday at the Police Department.


Lorraine said...

thinking good thoughts for you! you are good to post real belly shots...i dont think i had those!

i am making choc/white/butterscotch chip with nuts cookies right now. tasty. i need to find abbreviation for butterscotch---butt or b.s. doesnt sound very appetizing. ha

LeeAnn said...

How about btsch

Lorraine said...

it sounds like i am eating a bitch. HAHHAHAHAHAH

i was just looking at your pic makes me so happy that you are pregnant (and ken too).

and someday you can take your kids to bus stop in your pjs (and drive them to preschool) like i am today. haha it's a lazy day. will shower after i work out!