Saturday, August 28, 2010

Baby Food making...

I made some delicious, yummy, scrumptious baby food the other day. Although I think I fubar'ed it when I put it in the freezer bag to vacuum seal it. What I should have done, was put it into several individual servings and freeze them in the vacuum sealer. Oh well, I will just make do until the next batch! Green Peas is on the menu for Monday. I may make them tomorrow ( Sunday ) if I feel like it.. Adventures for Me!

We went to Target tonite and found some of the coolest "Little Man" outfits. One says " My dad sure is happy I am a boy " How cute is that.


Lorraine said...

hope you sealed it good or i see freezer burn in your freezer when you pull it out in 4-6 mos! you must be close to end ...nesting!
freeze some meals for you guys!

LeeAnn said...

I sealed it with the vacuum. I have never had a problem with my vacuum sealer before getting freezer burn... that would suck!