Friday, August 20, 2010

8 Months Preggo, 1 month to go

Awwww Aren't I HUGE??? hahahaha I think the babe is beginning to start his descend to the unknown. I feel like he is a tad bit lower then he was last week...

For the past week I have noticed that my feet have gotten Ogre-ish What do you think??

" I HAVE FIONA FEET....." These are the words of David. In other words of David,..." Dang girl, it looks like your sausages are popping out of their casing" What do you think?? Holy COW !!!!! My toe nails sure are purty though!

Ken and I have moved to the upstairs bedroom because of the King size bed. With my body pillow, side pillow, the 2 pillows I sleep on and the dog, and then Ken, we need a bigger bed...( In the voice of Chief Brody... I think we need a bigger boat.. )

And of course a picture of Holly

It has been a very busy few weeks here. I have laundry done, I have bag for babe and bag for me packed. Ken has to pack his little bag with batteries, a tooth brush,etc... He wont be spending the night with me unless he has too because we have 2, 4 legged children back here who need looking after.


Lorraine said...

haha how about letting the dog sleep on the floor!
hoping you wont have baby in the middle of the night!!!
do you guess before due date or after??

LeeAnn said...

no way our doggies dont sleep on the floor... they have beds.. Holly sleeps on hers downstairs but Casey is a mama's girl.. She sleeps with us. She is at the foot of the bed of course. I guess if you want to guess you guess now? what do you mean do you guess before the due date or after?

Who knows when he will come?!

Anonymous said...

I have guessed after the due date!! I picked Oct 7th!!!! Sorry Leezie.